Driftaway Coffee – World Explorer’s Coffee Explorer Box Subscription: 1.25 LBS

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The Driftaway Coffee – World Explorer’s Coffee Sampler is a curated selection of single-origin coffees designed for coffee enthusiasts who wish to explore unique flavors from around the globe.

This sampler kit includes four different coffees, each with a unique taste profile that represents Driftaway’s four profiles: Fruity (a light roast from Africa), Classic (a medium roast from South America), Balanced (a light roast from Central America), and Bold (a dark roast from various regions worldwide).

Each coffee in the sampler is meticulously roasted to bring out its unique flavors and characteristics.

The coffees are sourced from small farmers, contributing to sustainable livelihoods for these coffee growers.

The coffee is freshly roasted and shipped from Brooklyn, NY. The coffee is available as whole bean or ground, depending on your preference.

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