Espresso Coffee Distribution Tool with 4 Spare Needles Magnetic Stand



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*EVEN ESPRESSO EXTRACTION- This espresso distribution tool uses 8 fine needles and 4 spare needles. The bomber distribution tool stirs the coffee while it sits in the portafilter, which can help evenly distribute coffee to promote even extractions and better espresso.

*ADJUSTABLE: Free to dissemble. Rotate and stir freely. Easy to adjust the length.

*Espresso Coffee Stirrer Rack- Magnetic Absorption Stand. Make your coffee counter cleaner and decorate your coffee corner better.

*GREAT GIFT IDEA FOR HOME BARISTA- This coffee distribution tool is a great gift for owners of many brands of espresso machines. This tool will transform the consistency of the espresso from any machine.


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Weight 0.3 kg

1 set


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