Stainless Steel Camera EF24-105mm Coffee Lens Mug



The Stainless Steel Camera Lens EF24-105mm Coffee Mug is a distinctive and imaginative product, designed to mimic the Canon EF 24-105mm f/4.0L USM lens. This mug is more than just a novelty item, it's also a practical piece, crafted from food-grade PVC plastic and stainless steel, ensuring its safety for beverage consumption.
The mug has a capacity of around 300-400ml, making it versatile for various beverages, including tea, milk, water and even ice cream. It has a secure screw-on lid and a thumb slider to minimize spillage if accidentally knocked over.
The lid is either a lipped cap labelled Black 01 or White 01. It also has a domed lens lid labeled Black 02 or White 02. See the Styles image below.
The mug is black or white, enhancing its resemblance to a camera lens.
Beyond its primary role as a drink container, this mug can also serve as a pen holder or an ashtray, adding versatility to any desk or workspace. It makes an excellent gift for photography enthusiasts, acting as both a conversation starter and a practical tool.
To preserve the detailed print on the side of the mug, washing it gently by hand is recommended. This product blends functionality and creativity, making it a delightful and practical item for daily use.

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